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Jana Sena party chief Pawan Kalyan will not contest 2014 elections

March 27, 2014 - Visakhapatnam

Jana Sena party chief and film actor Pawan Kalyan has announced that he would not contest the coming elections. Addressing the second public meeting of Jana Sena party, Pawan Kalyan said that his party has decided not to contest the elections next month as he would not like the votes against Congress to be split.

Kalyan addressed the huge gathering present at Indira Priyadarshini stadium for 75 minutes expressing his ire on Congress party and the ideology of Jana Sena party.

Making digs at the Congress in the meeting, he said that though they might be the descendants of our beloved Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and also carry the surname of the Mahatma, they are nothing more than opportunists and crooks of the highest order. Their game plan changes every five years, he said.

Pawan devoted majority of time of the speech in lashing out Congress for bifurcating the State and the need to fight against the corrupt political system. He went on to add that the Congress had destroyed the integrity of not only Andhra Pradesh but also the nation.

Training his guns on corruption, he said that ACB and CBI are specialized in arresting officials caught of Rs.10,000 but questioned the fate of those who usurped thousands of crores of rupees? They are let off on bail, given a new lease of life and the lives of those CBI officers who put such accused behind bars are made miserable', said Pawan Kalyan.

In a reference to his brother Chiranjeevi, he said that 'I am not wagon of those who will jump from one bandwagon to another.

Calls for democratic revolt

Giving a call to the youth of the State to rebel democratically against parties that have destroyed their future said 'I am not hungry of power. I am not crazy about position and all I want is better administration and cleaner politics. Never ever in the history of this country has any party stopped so low to divide one linguistic community. Let us teach a lesson that they will never forget', said JSP chief.

Giving reasons for floating a party, he said that 'during the last ten years, I am fed up with this corrupt political system. I want to pull up all such political gamblers who change their colours during every election and those who promote caste and communal politics. The corrupt political systems should be pulled out from roots, he said.

Modi is an able leader

Referring to his meeting with the BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, he said that he is an able leader who could oppose injustice without any feat. He expressed his total support to Modi. He said that he will not fight elections this time though I have floated a new party. The party will not ask you to vote for any particular party but vote for those who can take the nation forward. He said that he didn't take even a single rupee from any one nor did ask anyone for position.

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