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JSP chief Pawan Kalyan likely to meet Modi

Pawan Kalyan

March 15, 2014 - Hyderabad

After the launch of Jana Sena Party by film actor Pawan Kalyan on Friday, sources said that he had fixed up an appointment with BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on March 17.

It may be recalled that the Pawan Kalyan did not utter even a word against BJP or TDP during the entire two hour long speech at HICC during the launch of the party. The entire speech was targeted on Congress party and it may be noted to that he is not averse to joining hands with any party that comes close the aims of the party for which it was floated. Pawan's statemnet 'Congress Hatao, desh bacho' slogan is very near to the BJP that goes 'Congress ko Hatao, desh ko bacho'.

Possible alliances with BJP and TDP

At a time when TDP is planning to come close near to the BJP for poll alliances, after the analysis of Pawan speech hinted of moving towards winning cards with BJP and TDP. A common symbol does not help, but in the event of not getting it around the time of elections, this is the second best option, said one close to Pawan camp.

All that the emblem says

Jana Sena means peoples' army. Six pointed starts inside a circle is the emblem of Pawan party. it symbolizes among other things, a revolution. The star has a white background that signifies peace and stability while red colour signifies revolution. The six corners reflect the ideals of the party. A dot in the centre of the star represents the soul of everything. The black lining denotes the harmony of the opposites.

Chiranjeevi differs with Pawan

Union Minister for Tourism and brother of Pawan Kalyan K Chiranjeevi responding to the JSP differed with his views of Congress responsible for division of the State. He was very cautious in his response on the origin of the party. He said that the Congress had taken decision only when all others have given their consent. Chiranjeevi said that the charges of Pawan has pained him and added that no force on the earth could bury the Congress. He said that Pawan did not discuss on the launch of the party and termed it as his personal decision and added 'let us see how long he would run the party', said Chiranjeevi.

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