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ISM-Ideology of Jana Sena Party

March 19, 2014 - Hyderabad

With the launch of Jana Sena party recently, the latest from Pawan Kalyan's camp is that it will celebrate only Independence Day and Republic Days apart from the formation days of Telangana and the residuary State of Andhra Pradesh.

In press statement released to the media, Pawan Kalyan says, "Birthdays and cultural and religious festivals will not be celebrated because they have all been exploited for political gains instead of the original purpose of national integrity. This is the policy of Jana Sena out of immense respect for our culture and the multi-religious fabric of Bharath nation."

The last fortnight, the book has been spoken about alongside versions of the new party, his flag, the symbol and many more others. The book will be released on March 25 according to sources.

It is said that the Author Pawan Kalyan and Raju Raviteja, party's general secretary and co-author of the book would be launched in a week's time. Work on the book, said to be a part of social-political agenda of the party began six years ago and continuously revised and refined according to the co-author.

It is said that the book has a dozen chapters and has e plans for food, clothing and shelter, solutions for education, healthcare, creation of jobs, entrepreneurial support, industrial and infrastructure development and the like?

Raviteja has trained or lectured to people of several nationalities including the Dutch, Germans, French, Italians, Americans, Canadians, British, Scottish, Irish, Swiss, Swedish, Finnish, South Africans, Russians, Polish, Chinese, Koreans, Thai, Sri Lankans, Jamaicans and Indian.

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