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Assembly rejects Telangana Bill

January 30, 2014 - Hyderabad

The Andhra Pradesh Assembly today rejected the AP State Reorganization Bill 2013.

  • A step ahead formation of Telangana', says Prof.Kodandaram
    Telangana JAC Chairman Prof.Kodandaram said that returning the Bill to the Centre is a step forward in formation of Telangana State. Centre will take the events in the Assembly as views but final call will be taken by Centre, he said.
  • Rejecting the Bill in both the Houses are a historic event, says
    Speaking to media, APNGOs Association President P Ashok Babu termed the rejection of Bill in both the Houses as historic. He wanted the leaders of all political parties to unite and see that the same is repeated in Parliament too, he said.
  • Ministers Kanna Lakshminarayna, Sailajanath, Anam Ramanarayana Reddy said that the both the Houses of Assembly has resolved not to table the AP State Reorganization Bill 2013 in the Parliament. They said that 159 MLAs have voted for and 119 MLAs voted against the resolution to 'reject the Bill' moved by the Chief Minister.
  • Speaking to press on Thursday after the Bill was rejected by the AP State Assembly, Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) president K Chandrasekhara Rao said that the Bill will be passed in the Parliament cent per cent. He asked the Telangana people not worry over the action in the State. He said that the stage was shifted from Hyderabad to Delhi. He said that he will be leaving to Delhi on Friday and will come only with Telangana State. He said that Assembly will only express views. He alleged that the Chief Minister and the Opposition leaders did not act according to their status. He said formation of Telangana State is sure. He said that the media is too not maintaining restraint
  • Annam Ramanarayana Reddy speaking to press at the CLP office said that the rejection motion was in tune with the aspirations of the people of Seemandhra.
  • Minister for Legislative Assembly DrS Sailajanath said that majority of the members have rejected the bill and was recorded accordingly. He said that it was rejected in both the houses.
  • Lok Satta Party national president Dr Jayaprakash Narayan speaking at the media point said that even now, they have to discuss with the leaders of the three regions. He said that it is now they have to realise that division cannot be done at their whims and fancies.
  • Government Chief whip Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy said that the move was an expected one but it is a morale victory for the people of Telangana.
  • TDP Telangana MLA Yerrabilli Dayakara Rao said that the Chief Minister and the Speaker colluded in getting the motion won. He expressed confidence that Telangana Bill will pass through at the Parliament.
  • Seemandhra TDP MLA Revanth Reddy said that formation of Telangana is imminent and the Speaker has acted as a Seemandhra leader but not acted as that of a Speaker is supposed. He wanted the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar to get down his Chief Minster's post immediately.
  • >TDP MLA Payyavula Kesha terming the passing of the 'reject motion' moved by the Chief Minister as a historical one.
  • Seemandhra leader TG Venkatesh said that passing the motion is a victory and in tune with the aspiration of the people of Seemandhra to keep the State united.
  • Panchayat Raj Minister K Jana Reddy said that the motion took place only the Speaker announced having completed the debate on the Bill. He said that the motion has no legal sanctity.
  • YSRCP floor leader YS Vijayamma said that the party has given motion to reject the Bill thrice. But, it is meant for the cause of united Andhra Pradesh, we have supported it. She expresses her confidence that the next elections will be held in united Andhra Pradesh and added that 70 per cent of the people want the State united. She thanked the Speaker for taking up motion. She expressed that had this was done earlier as demanded by YSRCP, the present situation can be avoided.
  • C Ramachandraiah motion won in Assembly-Council rejects Bill"
    AP Legislative Assembly conducted voting on the motion to reject the AP State Reorganziation Bill 2013 given by Minister C Ramachandraiah. The Council Chairman after announcing the motion has won by majority and announced adjourned it sine die.
  • 'Voting done not on the Bill', says AICC general secretary
    Digvijay said that the voting has been done only on the Chief Minister's motion and not on the Bill. He said that the parties who rejected the Bill now once agreed for division of the State.
  • Deputy Chief Minister reacts:
    Deputy Chief Minister C Damodar Rajanarsimha said that the Chief Minister has to act in a broad way but not to confine to a particular region. He said the long cherished dream of Telangana is going to be materialised. 2014 year is a historic year for the people of Telangana. The move of the Chief Minister is only to misguide and deceive the Seemandhra people and to gain political mileage. He said that Telangana State will be formed in accordance with Article 3.

    Majority of the MLAs of the Assembly have voiced their vote supporting Chief Minister's appeal to reject the Telangana Bill.

    MLA Eetela Rajender said that the motion moved is anti-constitutional.

    Though Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy's reject motion won the vote in the Assembly, the final decision on the formation of the Telangana State would depend on passage of bill in the Parliament.

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