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AP Agricultural Minister P Pulla Rao presents Agricultural Budget (live updates)

August 22, 2014 - Hyderabad

The Agricultural Minister Patti Pulla Rao presented a Rs.13,108 crore budget in the AP Assembly on Friday.
Non planning expenditure Rs.6373.95 crores
Planned expenditure 6738.44 crores
Rs.5,000 crores for agricultural loan waiver
2014-15 Rs.212 crores are earmarked for subsidy for seeds.
Pulla Rao in his budget speech said that the farmers are being debt ridden due to not able get profitability.
He said that due to inflation, the farmers income has come done drastically
2014-15, 127.4 metric tonnes of paddy and grams were produced.
Rs.192.92 crores were allotted to NG Ranga Agricultural University.
Rs.34.80 crores were allotted to Comprehensive Horticulture Development Mission.
Rs.30.61 crores for YS Horticultural University.
Rs.1.5 lakhs of loan waiver per family.
Rs.3188 crores for free power supply
0.25 paisa interest for loans from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.3 lakhs and Rs.230 crore were allotted for this
Rs.723.32 crores for Veterinary
Rs.113 crores for SV Veterinary University
Rs.14.85 crores for fisheries
Complete interest waiver loans taken below Rs.1 lakh
The State Government decides to use solar power for pump sets.
10,000 new solar pump sets will be distributed every year
Government to take loans through SLBC 56,019.16 crores.
Rs.90 crore for mechanization in agriculture.
The subsidies will be made available to those who promptly repaid the loans
Rs.122 crores for silk industry
Rs. 3, 188 crores were allotted for free power supply.
Government is making efforts to supply from the existing 7 hours to 9 hours
Rs.156 crores were allotted to cooperative department
Rs.348 crores for water management
Rs.212 crore for subsidy on seed distribution.
Rs.1386.30 crores for job security scheme .
Rs156.85 crore for ICDC

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