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Police bust prostitution racket and took six into custody in posh locality

October 22, 2013 - Hyderabad

Police on Monday busted a prostitution racket at the posh Doctor's colony and arrested six persons including a husband and a wife. Sources said that two teenage girls were trapped and forced them into flesh trade were rescued by the police during the rail. A hunt has been launched to nab the alleged kingpin of the racket, Vikky of Vijayawada and pimp Jilani.

Sources said that Vikram Reddy who is said to have contacts with highly influential persons in the city has been running the racket from houses located in several posh areas in the city for the last four year. and on October 1, he took the ground floor portion of an apartment on rent, claiming the he would be staying there along with his wife and kids besides his parents. He began running the racket right from the day he took the flat on rent and customers would come in the guise of relatives bringing fruits and sweet boxes. The activity went unnoticed by the neighbours but they smelt something fishy when they noticed the driver frequently brining teenaged girls to the flat. Some of the natives alerted the police who began keeping a watch on the house. On Monday evening, they noticed Vikky's henchman Veera Prasad, car driver by profession brining in two teenage girls and a team led by the circle inspector raided the house and rescued the two girls. The girls reportedly told the police that they had run away from their home in Tirupati after a tiff with their elder sister and brother-in-law. They took a train to Visakhapatnam and landed tin the city on Monday afternoon. Jilani approached the girls by assuring them employment and brought them to the flat with the help of Veera Prasad.

Police said that at the time or raid, Veera Prasad was in the house along with one customer and they were pressuring the girls in to joining sex trade. Interrogation of the car driver revealed that Jyothi and Koteswararao who were involved in the racket were arriving from Guntur and police arrested at the railway station. Two more girls were picked up from another area and taken into custody. Police seized two four wheelers, one moped Rs.2,000 cash and condom packets from the gang members.

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