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Subbarami Reddy withdraws plans to modernize Telugu Lalitha Kalatoranam

October 30, 2010 - Hyderabad

Member of Parliament of the Congress party, T Subbarami Reddy has dropped his plan to modernize the Telugu Lalitha Kalatoranam in Hyderabad. His plan to rename the auditorium has been criticized and opposed by various sections of the people in the state. In a statement, Subbarami Reddy also announced his intention to construct a modern auditorium in Hyderabad. The auditorium which would cost Rs. 15 crore will be drawn from the TSR Trust. Subbarami Reddy also requested the government to allot land in a centrally located area in the city for this purpose.

It may be recalled that the MP had earlier proposed to take up the renovation of Telugu Lalitha Kalatoranam. The Government issued orders renaming the auditorium to Rajiv Gandhi Lalitha Kalatoranam and has drew flak from various political parties, artists and others.

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