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Scores attend Maha Homam in Sri Chakra Yantra for Global Peace
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Scores attend Maha Homam in Sri Chakra Yantra for Global Peace

The massive Sri Chakra spread over in 22,500 sq.ft. area becomes star attraction

Hyderabad, December 13, 2009... Scores of people participated in the Maha Homam in Sri Chakra Yantra being organised here in Maheshwaram, Hyderabad city outskirts today. Today being a Sunday hundreds of people descended at the Maha Homam site to have a look at the massive Sri Chakra Yantra spread over 22500 sq.ft. and participate in the religious rituals. A Maha Homam in Sri Chakra Yantra for Global Peace is being performed under the aegis of Sri Sri Sri Sadguru Shakti Swaroopananda Maharaj on a spectacular scale in 22 acres land at city outskirts. The 21-day maha homam will conclude on 21st December. The homam followed by bhajans and satsang being organised for the past thirteen days is being held in the mornings and evenings daily. Scores of people are coming to have a look at the spectacular Sri Chakra, which has become a star attraction. About ten thousand devotees are expected to participate in the program spread over 21 days.

The three-dimensional Sri Chakra Yantra has been specially constructed in 22500 sq. ft area for conducting the homam. Over 100 engineers and 1000 sevaks (workers) had toiled hard to complete this fantastic and construction (temporary structure) in a span of just 10 days. This massive structure of Sri Chakra is unique and has never ever been created anywhere in the country before. It is just short of being considered for nomination into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Sri Yantra has a special power and significance, among all other yantras. It is the supreme position among them. It has immense power and immeasurable strength within it. Sri Chakra Worship - Worship of Sri Chakra brings good fortune, well-being, good profits, good health and all manner of prosperity. It is invaluable in all ways. Maha Homam in Sri Chakra Yantra is an auspicious event for Welfare and Well-being of all People, declare the organisers of the Homam. All are welcome to take part in this endeavour and gain blessings.

Sri Chakra is a symbol of everything in our worldly existence. Every small thing that is present in nature and creation is also a part of this Chakra. The five elements, the inner thoughts, the sources of knowledge, the entire gamut of activities which constitute 'Karma' and our very mind, all these elements are present in this Chakra. Hence, if we worship this Chakra, it is as though we are worshiping the whole of creation, our universe and all elements which exist in it. That is why; the Sri Chakra Homam is such a great and glorious event. It brings us closer to our entire universe informed the devotees of Sri Sri Sri Sadguru Shakti Swaroopananda Maharaj.

The Programme Details till 18th December are as follows. 5:45 AM devotees assemble, 5:55 AM to 9:30 AM Maha Homam in Sri Chakra Yantra, 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM Pradakshana, then refreshments, 11:15 AM to 12:30 PM Satsang, 5 PM to 6 PM Sri Chakra Yantra Maha Homam, 6 PM to 8 PM Bhajan and Satsang and Teertam & Prasadam from 8 MP onwards. About ten thousand devotees are expected participate and grace the function. The devotees can reach to the venue by bus from Koti Women's College - 253M, 253 T, from Secunderabad Bus Stand - 253 M / 8 A, from CBS - 253M, from Charminar - 253M, 253 T.

For more information contact: 8106564572, 9492423907

Issued for and on behalf of organisers by D. Ramchandram, Solus Media, Mobile : 98480-42020


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