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Warnie's 888 Poker ads splashed across hardcore p*rn site

February 19, 2012 - Melbourne

Shane Warne has become embroiled in yet another controversy after advertisements for his 888 online poker business appeared on a hardcore p*rn site.

The ads, which show a grinning Warne throwing cards and gambling chips towards the camera, feature on a website broadcasting explicit adult videos.

But Warne's manager James Erskine said neither he nor his star client had any clue how the ads had appeared on the site, reported.

"No, Shane nor I were aware of the 888 Poker Site appearing on p*rn sites. Thank you for informing us, we will look into it," Erskine told The Sunday Telegraph.

The cricketer's brother Jason Warne, who is general manager of the children's charity The Shane Warne Foundation, said that he would inform his board members.

He said that 888 Poker had been "sensational" in supporting their annual poker tournament to raise money for sick and underpriveleged children.

"If they were breaking the law, then obviously that's something we'd take umbrage to and disassociate with but I don't know," Jason said.

"It's something that I'll speak to the board about and get their opinions on, but it's not something I really want to take a stand on myself just off the cuff.

"I actually look forward to having a conversation (with Shane's) management and find out what their position is and convey that to our board and we'll make a decision from there. The controversy is the latest in a series of sex scandals, which have plagued the leg-spinner since the height of his career," he added.

The retired cricketer, who last year became engaged to former model and actress Elizabeth Hurley, was stripped of the Australian vice-captaincy in June 2000 after it emerged he had bombarded British nurse Donna Smith with dirty text messages and phone calls.

In May 2006, a UK tabloid published pictures of Warne posing in his underwear with a pair of topless 25-year-old models as well as more explicit text messages allegedly sent by him.

The infidelities led to the breakdown of his marriage to first wife Simone Callahan in 2007 and his relationship with Hurley was also threatened when it emerged he had been sending saucy texts to a married Melbourne businesswoman at the beginning of their courtship.


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