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Warnie tells ex-wife Simone Callahan to move on with her own life

June 17, 2012 - Melbourne

Shane Warne has criticised his former wife, Simone Callahan, for complaining about their children calling his fiancee, Elizabeth Hurley, "Mummy Two."

The cricketer also declared that he has never been more in love as he is now with Hurley.

In an exclusive interview on Eddie McGuire Tonight on Fox Footy, the cricketer said Callahan was "out of order" for saying it was disrespectful for his children to use the name and told her to "let it go," the Herald Sun reported.

Speaking about last month's "Mummy Two" row, Warne said: "The one thing I really took offence at was the name-calling of M2.

"This was something fun between my children and Elizabeth. It's a pet name, we all have nicknames and to me that is acceptance. I thought it was out of order to say it was disrespectful for the children to call Elizabeth M2. She didn't ask them to call her M2, it's just something that came up.

"She (Callahan) moved on and I had moved on a long time ago.

"I think for me that side of things is just 'let it go', don't come out and do paid interviews and do 14-15 of them and keep saying it's disrespectful and having a go. Just move on with your own life," he stated.

During the interview Warne gave his blessing for Callahan's boyfriend Toby Roberts and said one day he may also get his own pet name from their children.

"If Simone and Toby end up getting engaged and married, if they want to call him T-Man or T2, go for it, call him whatever you want," Warne said.

"Elizabeth stipulated that she is not their mother and she is not trying to be their mother. She is trying to do the best job she can and she's doing a wonderful job. Everybody loves her. Everybody accepted her and that's all you can ask for," he added.


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