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Warnie slams ex-wife over 'name calling' of Hurley's 'Mummy 2' nickname

June 18, 2012 - London

Shane Warne has blasted his former wife Simone Callahan for demanding their children to stop calling Elizabeth Hurley "Mummy Two".

Callahan, who has three youngsters with the former Australian cricketer, said that she thought it was being "disrespectful".

Children Brooke, Jackson and Summer came up with the "M2" nickname for Warne's fiance Hurley.

"The one thing I really took offence at was the name calling of M2," the Daily Star quoted him as saying.

"This was something fun between my children and Elizabeth.

"It's a pet name. We all have nicknames and to me that is acceptance.

"It was out of order to say it was disrespectful. She didn't ask them to call her M2. It's just something that came up," he said.


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