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WAGS unite to protect their men from Rooney and Mario hooker

April 9, 2012 - London

WAGS have teamed up to stop Jennifer Thompson who bedded footballers Mario Balotelli and Wayne Rooney scoring with their men.

Thompson earned around 70,000 pounds for telling all about her romps with Manchester City star Balotelli, 21.

That came on top of the estimated six-figure sum she got for revealing her fling with Manchester United star Rooney, 26, two years ago.

WAGs have dubbed her Jenny Vampire because she gets her teeth into so many men at night.

Partners of stars who play for United, City, Liverpool, Everton and other north west clubs plan to ensure Thompson is banned from parties or football celeb haunts.

They have also come up with an impromptu text and Tweet network to keep each other informed if they spot her on the prowl, the Daily Star reported.

"All the partners of players at clubs in the north west have teamed up to tip off each other if they see or hear she's in a club where their men might be going to," a close friend of one of the WAGs said.

"Once the alert has gone out, the WAGs will make sure their man doesn't go to the club or bar where Jenny is, or they get someone to keep a close eye on their man and make sure he doesn't get caught up in her arms.

"Sadly, with some of the younger stars, there may be a temptation to try forbidden fruit to see how they compare with the likes of Balotelli and Rooney.

"She seems to rely on that but the WAGs have grown wise to it," the friend added.

The clampdown came after Thompson told how she bedded Balotelli twice during a six-week fling behind the back of his Italian lingerie model and TV star girlfriend Raffaella Fico, 23.

Thompson said they had sex until 5am, leaving Balotelli to have just three hours sleep before training.

She said he had a "fantastic body", "knows exactly how to satisfy a woman", and is a "brilliant kisser".

The 1,200 pounds-a-night vice girl, who did not charge the City star for their romps, gave him 9.5 out of 10 in bed.

The vice girl has also been banned from Tenerife by dance girls and strippers for sleeping with so many of their boyfriends.


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