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Lara Bingle's 'celebrity life over' after reality TV show flops

July 1, 2012 - Melbourne

Lara Bingle may have killed her career by starring in an ill-advised reality TV show about her life, a leading celebrity agent says.

Once regarded as a guaranteed celebrity drawcard, the Shire model has witnessed a continual slide in the number of people tuning in to Channel 10's 'Being Lara Bingle.'

And it's not just viewers switching off to the glamour's brand. One major celebrity agent said fashion labels would also be forced to reconsider aligning themselves with Bingle.

"We've pulled the curtains back on Lara and what you see is not pretty. It has exposed her and she's no longer an enigma. We now know what drives her and that's not a lot," quoted the agent as telling the Sunday Telegraph.

"She's not intelligent, she's fumbling from one episode to the next and I think that would turn a lot of companies off. They'd think, 'Well what are we aligning ourselves with? We're aligning ourselves with someone who is a bogan.'

"I think it's been a real shame as she's a nice, lovely girl ... but she needs to get out of this game and get a normal job because I don't think there's a future for her as a celebrity as there's just not enough layers to her; there's not enough depth to sustain something," the agent added.

Last week Bingle's self-titled reality series slipped to 684,000 national viewers, down from its debut of 925,000.

Among younger demographics, however, the program was well placed and regularly featured in the top ten.

"Lara's brand appeal is aimed at a young, progressive, edgy audience and as the show is always doing well with the 18-49s and 16-39s it is a clear success for what she and we hoped to achieve," her agent Chrissy Biasotto said.


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