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Jodie Marsh ready to reduce massive b**bs for bodybuilding

June 26, 2012 - Washington

Joide Marsh is planning to get her breast implants removed to help her career as a bodybuilder.

The former glamour model believes that her massive surgically enhanced b**bs now look ridiculous because the rest of her body is so toned and hard.

"For bodybuilding purposes in the future, I'd definitely have them reduced. With bodybuilding, I don't think they look good when they're massive because the rest of your body is so tiny. But also, they hide the top row of my abs so, when I'm on stage, you can't see them," Contactmusic quoted her as telling new! Magazine.

"They go up and down in cup size depending on how lean I am. When I had them done, they were always a G or GG but, when I lose loads of body fat, they go down to 32F."

Marsh has admitted that she always had doubts about her surgically enhanced br**ts, ironically because they look too natural.

"I knew as soon as I first had them done four years ago that I wasn't happy with them. I wanted them to look fake and he made them look natural so they hang the same way real b**bs hang," she added.


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