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How Olympic champ Chris Hoy got his 'Golden Thighs'

July 1, 2012 - London

The diet that gives Scottish track cyclist Chris Hoy, who has earned the nickname 'Golden Thighs' because of his whopping 27 inch thighs, has finally been revealed.

The 36-year-old cycling star said that while his waist size remains a youthful 32 inches, he has to buy 36-inch trousers just to accommodate his gigantic thighs.

The same thighs have powered him to win four gold Olympic gold medals, enabling him to reach a whopping 48.8mph on a bike, the Daily Mail reported.

However, Hoy wasn't born with his phenomenal thighs and has worked extremely hard to maintain the legs that he hopes will carry Britain to gold this summer.

His winning physique is achieved through a punishing exercise regime and a 6,000-calorie-a-day diet.

For breakfast he has a bowl of cereal with semi-skimmed milk, chopped banana and honey, washed down with a fruit smoothie, an orange juice, a protein shake and a coffee.

While his lunch consists of a meal-replacement shake, his dinner is chicken, vegetables and a pasta bake.

Hoy spends three hours every day on the cycle track and two hours in the gym where he lies flat on a bench and uses his feet to lift weights of 35 stone, an incredible two-and-a-half times his own body weight.

Additionally, this superhuman strength has also earned Hoy a second nickname - Hoycules.


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