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Fans claim racism still exists in English football

January 26, 2012 - London

A new study by Staffordshire University has revealed that more than half of football fans are of the opinion that English football is still suffering from racism.

More than 2000 football fans were interviewed online for the study in which more than half of the football supporters have claimed they have experienced some sort of racism since Premier League started in 1992.

The study also says that the football chiefs have tried to clean up the image of the game but the truth is that it still exists.

Professor of Culture, Media and Sport Ellis Cashmore believes that the football bosses have buried their head in the sand and tried to portray a misleading picture of the game to the world.

"We have been burying our heads in the sand and believing organizations saying racism has been beaten," The Daily Star quoted Cashmore, as saying.

Cashmore also blamed social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for the rise in racist incidents in football.

"Abusers use social media as a platform for publicizing their views. Fans disposed to vilify black and ethnic minority players can do so via their computers and smart phones," he added.

This new study has come after a number of high profile racist incidents had transpired like Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, getting banned for eight matches for 'using insulting words towards' for Manchester United defender Patrice Evra.


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