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Everton's Drenthe accuses Barca ace Messi of calling him a 'negro'

May 10, 2012 - London

Real Madrid player Royston Drenthe, who is in on loan to Premier League team Everton, has accused Barcelona ace Lionel Messi of racially abusing him many times during his playing days in the Spanish La Liga.

Drenthe said Messi had called him a negro constantly in Spain when he played against him.

"I played many times against Messi and we always had problems with one another," The Sun quoted Messi, as saying.

"You know what bothers me so much? That tone with which he always says, 'negro, negro'. I understand that 'negro' is commonly used in South America. But we can't stand it,' he added.

Drenthe went on to claim that the world's best footballer for the last three years, Messi, did not shake his hand after a match in September 2010.

The Dutch international played on loan for Hercules in a 2-0 away victory at Barca's Nou Camp stadium.

"I had a minor clash with Messi. He shook my hand before the game but during it he again said, 'Hola negro' to me a few times," Drenthe said.

"I didn't get a handshake from him afterwards. I don't expect an invite to his birthday party," he added.

Although Messi and Barcelona haven't responded officially to the claims, but a source close to Messi has refuted these allegations, and has asked Drenthe to prove his claims with concrete proof.

"The player himself and those close to him do not understand why these quotes have come to light now, when the Dutchman left Spain two years ago," the source said.Messi denies ever having insulted Drenthe as this is not his way and he has never behaved like that. He also calls on Drenthe to prove his accusations - if he has any proof," the source added.


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