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Eva Longoria reveals her feelings when ex Tony Parker cheated on her

May 12, 2012 - New York

Eva Longoria has opened up about how she felt when she found out that her husband Tony Parker had cheated on her, saying that she had moments when she felt she was not "sexy enough."

The 'Desperate Housewives' star admits that she did initially question herself upon discovering that the NBA star had exchanged hundreds of text messages with another woman.

"It wasn't about who he chose. I mean, I had moments of, 'Am I not sexy enough? Am I not pretty enough? Am I not smart enough?'" the New York Post quoted her as saying during an appearance on the Demi Moore-produced Lifetime series, 'The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet'.

"But in so many of those questions, I immediately stopped and said, 'No, don't start doing that.' Because you can get stuck in that cycle," she said.

According to reports, Erin Barry, the wife of former NBA player Brent Barry, was the woman who came between Longoria and her husband, but both Barry and Parker have denied an affair.

Longoria didn't name names in her interview, but she did say that it took her some time to realize that Parker's actions were "definitely not about me."

"Society usually thinks there's something wrong with the woman. 'Oh, he cheated on her, so she must not have been sexually satisfying him. She must have been a ball and chain!'

"Why did he have to have a reason to cheat that had do with me? ... I am so secure in who I am. I really am! And I'm not conceited. I just think, 'Wow, okay, that's the life you want to live'," she added.

Longoria said that it was hard to confront Parker about his actions while remaining non-judgmental, but that it was important for her to do so.

"Even having the conversation, I really wanted to provide a pillow for him to say and express 'the why.' Because I really wanted to know why.

"[I said], 'I'm not going to judge you. I'm not going to be mad in this moment. I'll be mad later.' People say, 'What grace!' And it wasn't that. I really wanted to know, and if you genuinely want to get something out of somebody, you have to not judge," she said.


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