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Comedian Keith Lemon challenges Murray to game of 'Swingball' ahead of Wimbledon clash

June 26, 2012 - London

English comedian Leigh Francis, who portrays the fictional character of Keith Lemon, challenged tennis ace Andy Murray to a game of Swingball, ahead of his first-round match at the Wimbledon 2012.

Lemon was given 'access all areas' for the run up to the Olympic Games as part of its 'Take the Stage' campaign, where he challenged Murray to a knock about at Swingball.

"I was not only close to winning against Murray, but I made him smile! I think he pretends he's miserable. He's actually very funny. Not as funny as me though. And I don't think he looks as good in tight shorts. But he is pretty good with his balls," the Daily Mirror quoted Francis, as saying.

"I think I'm now going to watch Wimbledon. You also get to see fit girls in short skirts don't you! Go Murray!" he added.

The first to five game, played on the roof of a London building overlooking the Olympic Park, saw Keith take an early 2-0 lead before the game was eventually called a draw after the players demolished the swingball set.

"Keith was unlike anyone I've faced before. But it was good fun, and he's actually pretty decent at Swingball. He's got solid backhand although I wasn't convinced by those short shorts. I look forward to the rematch," Murray said.


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