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Bulldogs to replace ballboys in Brit Twenty20 tournament

April 1, 2012 - London

Bulldogs - Britain's national dog breed - are set to take the place of ballboys in a British Twenty20 cricket tournament which starts on June 12.

The Friends Life t20 will see the legendary British breed patrol the boundary ropes and retrieve the ball for the fielders following a crunching four or a monster six.

"Bulldogs are traditionally considered a lazier breed of dogs, but they've proven to be a great hit so far in training," the Sun quoted dog-trainer Paul Taylor as saying.

"Their low centre of gravity makes for a more efficient pick up and their sturdy build means they are less risk adverse than say, a poodle," he said.

England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) spokesman Steve Elworthy also commented on the concept.

"Cricket encapsulates all that is right about Britishness and we wanted to take this a step further with the introduction of the ultimate British dog.

"Friends Life t20 is all about doing something different and we're proud to try something that will save the players exerting unnecessary energy and risking injury, while also providing added entertainment to the action on the pitch," Elworthy added.


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