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'Bemused' McLaren ace Button doesn't feels his pace is good enough to fight for podium

May 16, 2012 - London

McLaren driver Jensen Button believes that despite his team spending so much funds and energy to improve his car's speed, his pace is still not good enough when compared to his competitors.

Button's victory in Melbourne, and a second place spot in China, has been eclipsed by finishing 14th in Malaysia and 18th in Bahrain.

The former Formula One champion endured another unsatisfactory run at Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix, where he finished ninth behind teammate Lewis Hamilton, who started at the back of the grid.

"I don't feel that my pace is good enough to fight with the other guys. My fastest lap of the Spanish Grand Prix was 21/2 seconds slower than Lotus' Romain Grosjean, and he didn't even win the race," The Sun quoted Button, as saying.

"We're struggling in terms of pace and I'm definitely struggling in terms of finding a balance with the car. It's not like we're not developing our car correctly, and that we've got a bad car. We still have a good car," he added.

He further said: "We promised ourselves after Bahrain that we wouldn't make the same mistake by running a certain part of the car but we have, because it felt right on Friday. We won't make the same mistake when we get to Monaco, where it could turn around for us. But even if it does, we won't understand why we are quick. We might pretend to but we won't understand."


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