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Abbey Clancy finds WAG phenomenon ridiculous

March 7, 2012 - London

Abbey Clancy may be the wife of Stoke City footballer Peter Crouch, but she doesn't buy the whole WAG phenomenon.

The former model said it is a 'ridiculous' tag, but she's been called worse.

"People believe we all hang around together in a little club. It's comical and absurd. I don't take it remotely seriously and anyway, I've been called worse things than a WAG," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

She also admitted that due to her 'spotty adolescent phase' she didn't find herself beautiful while growing up.

"I'm incredibly self-critical - especially about my big size seven feet. I didn't grow up thinking I was beautiful. Far from it. Especially when I went through my spotty adolescent phase, the last thing I felt was beautiful," she said.


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