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I feared for life in my homeland Congo: Fabrice Muamba

June 11, 2011 - Bolton

England footballer Fabrice Muamba has said he turned his back on his homeland Congo because he feared for his life.

He grew up in war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo but his family was forced to flee to England because of political unrest.

Muamba recalled how his father, Marcel, a political advisor to former Congo President Mobutu Sese Soko fled to London as a political refugee and was granted indefinite leave of stay by the British Home Office.

"Dad was involved in the political situation but he had to move away to come to England. He had to help me and Mum go to England. If we'd stayed, they'd have seen us as an easy target to get information. So, we had to leave for our own safety. My mum, dad and siblings all live in London now. Dad works in central London but knows he can never go back to Congo" the Sun quoted Muamba, as saying.

Muamba is considering a trip to Congo but has turned down the Congo Football Association's request for playing for their senior team.

"I do want to go back and am considering going soon. I'm curious as to what it is like and want to see what I might be able to give back to the country where I was born. If I can help them in any way then I will", he said.

"They have spoken to me about playing for them but I have given it a miss. Sometimes you have got to know what is best for you", he added.

Muamba is determined to boost his adopted country by helping the Under-21 football team to be crowned Kings of Europe.

Muamba, 23, is set to win his 32nd cap for England Under-21 team during their European Championship bid against Spain in Herning.


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