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UK Premier League wage costs rose by record 68 pct in 2009-10

June 9, 2011 - London

The proportion of income that Premier League clubs spend on wages hit a record 68 percent in 2009-10, a report into football finances by Deloitte reveals.

According to the BBC, while Manchester United spent 46 percent of its revenue on pay, rivals Manchester City splashed out a massive 107 percent.

Chelsea again topped the wages bill, as they have done every season since 2002-03, at 174 million pounds.

There are signs of wage discipline in clubs near the bottom of the Premier League, while those near the top earned such large revenues that it helped them keep the wage ratios down.

The Deloitte report shows Premier League revenues increased by two percent to exceed two billion pounds for the first time in the 2009-10 season.

The relentless growth in wages has resulted in operating margins in the top division falling from 16 percent to four percent over the lifetime of the Premier League.


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