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Ryan Giggs's bro went after him with hammer over claims of fling with girlfriend

June 9, 2011 - London

It has emerged that Ryan Giggs' brother Rhodri hunted the soccer star with a claw hammer after learning the player allegedly had a fling with his girlfriend.

A source claimed the situation could have got "very nasty" after he flew off the handle when he heard Ryan had apparently cheated on him, reports The Mirror.

"When he found out he went ballistic, and went looking for Ryan with a hammer.

"It was all calmed down eventually but it had the potential to get very nasty indeed," the source added.

The alleged fling happened before former Wales international Ryan met wife Stacey.

The source claimed: "Ryan and the girl met up a few times before Rhodri discovered what was going on."

Rhodri's wife Natasha is also said to have confessed to him and a friend last week that she had been romping with her brother-in-law.

She claimed they regularly slept together after first meeting at a Manchester club in 2003. Ryan has denied the affair.


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