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Ryan Giggs' aunt calls him sex addict who 'can't keep his trousers up'

June 9, 2011 - London

Ryan Giggs' disgusted aunt has branded him a sex addict, who preys on women by using his star status as a high-profile footballer to get them into bed.

Joanna Wilson, 49, says the 37-year-old Man Utd and Wales hero has ripped his family apart by bedding his own sister-in-law for eight years behind his brother Rhodri's back, and allegedly at the same time as he was having an affair with former Big Brother star Imogen Thomas.

"I can't believe the mess Ryan's made of his life - I'm totally disgusted by his behaviour," the Daily Mail quoted Joanna as saying.

"He's a predator of women, he pursued Natasha and Imogen - he might have a sex addiction who knows. One thing's for sure - he can't keep his trousers up," she added.

Meanwhile, another of Giggs' aunts named Joanna, of Ely, Cardiff, says the footballer, who was born in the Welsh capital, has become 'too big for his boots.'

'Everyone thought he was Mr Nice Guy but not any more. Everyone can see how cold he is the way he's treated his wife and brother.

'It's beyond belief what he's done - it's the ultimate betrayal," she said, adding, that the family had been 'torn apart for ever' because of him.

"Rhodri will never forgive Ryan for this - it's over for them as brothers."


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