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Rugby students' guide to set single blokes up for success this New Year

December 28, 2011 - London

A tongue-in-cheek guide using rugby tactics by Oxford University students is intended to set single blokes up for success.

In the manual, there are tips on how to "score" with women's "teams" invited to raucous dinners at a curry house.

The Crew Date Flair guide, sent to the St Anne's or John's rugger team The Saints, is also a must-read for women hoping to outwit the opposition.

Its non-PC diagrams use red spots to represent single women and blue ones for Saints.

A section called The Setup advises avoiding a perfect girl-boy seating plan to allow "undesirables" to be "penned in the bottom left-hand corner" next to attached men.

"The central 'Kill-Zone' should consist of their major social players. Not to be neglected is the outer female on the right-hand side - should she be attractive and single, she can be cornered and chatted up, using the perfect 'opposite and next to' wingman technique," the Sun quoted the manual as saying.

Another section, entitled Loose Play: Post Curry, covers how play should continue after a meal.

"By this time, most players will have narrowed a shortlist down.

"Check which women will be coming clubbing and which are going to be writing essays.

"You will only score once you get past the defence and into a one-on-one," the manual said.

Players are also told to show team spirit and to "distract the girls' more sensible friends".

"If possible, interfere with female support play and harass round the edges to draw a one-on-one," it said.

Fellas are also told that they need good communication to avoid getting in the way of a teammate with his eyes on a "target".

The guide ends with Advanced Techniques to use once the party is in a club.

A diagram shows how a "wingman" should move in to help a mate continue chatting up a girl up by preventing her best friend going home.

"Wingman, alert to danger, removes the threat by buying her another drink," it added.

Student Charlie Dumeresque, of St Anne's College, sent the guide to first-years in October.


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