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Rhodri Giggs having 'horrendous time' following wife's affair with bro leak

June 9, 2011 - London

Rhodri Giggs is having a 'horrendous time' and his world has turned upside down after learning of his wife's alleged eight-year affair with his brother, his pal Will Mellor has revealed.

"It's a horrible time, imagine having your world tipped upside down in one night," the Sun quoted Will, who was best man at Rhodri and Natasha's Las Vegas wedding last year, as telling Daybreak.

"He's still shocked. It's a horrendous time for everyone who's innocent in this.

"I just hope it blows over sooner rather than later and he can start rebuilding his life."

He added: "It's a very difficult time for everybody involved.

Natasha claimed she had been regularly sleeping with the former Wales international since first meeting him at a Manchester club in 2003.


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