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Rachel Uchitel plans to sue attorney who brokered hush money return to Woods

July 19, 2011 - Washington

Rachel Uchitel, who came to the limelight for her fling with Tiger Woods, is reportedly planning to sue the attorney, who brokered a deal where she had to return most of her settlement money she received from the golf ace.

According to, the terms of the settlement with Woods said that Uchitel would have return the entire money had there been a violation of the confidentiality agreement and could be even sued by Woods for damages, reports Fox News.

The settlement was arranged with the help of celebrity power-attorney Gloria Allred.

However, Woods' attorney Jay Lavely contacted Allred and said that Woods would sue her for violating the agreement by going on the VH1 reality series 'Celebrity Rehab' to treat an 'addiction to love'.

Though Uchitel believed she had not violated the agreement, as she did not mention Woods' name on the show, Allred convinced her to return most of the settlement money by striking a deal with Lavely.

According to sources, Uchitel now has hired a legal malpractice lawyer to look after the Allred-Lavely deal.

The lawyer has reportedly ordered Allred to pay Uchitel the money that she had returned, and threatened a lawsuit against him.


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