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Posh struggling to hold her baby daughter Harper due to slipped disc

August 20, 2011 - London

Victoria Beckham is said to have suffered a slipped disc, allegedly due to wearing high heels while pregnant with daughter Harper Seven, and her condition got worse after her caesarean operation.

This has left her confined to the California beachfront house owned by Steven Spielberg, which the family has rented for the summer.

"She has been pretty much housebound as she cannot really walk very much right now and she cannot bend to pick anything up," the Daily Mail quoted a source as saying.

Posh attended the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton when she was six months pregnant and wore vertiginous Christian Louboutin heels - long after many women would have opted for something more comfortable.

Wearing high heels, particularly in the later stages of Pregnancy, can increase the risk of a slipped disc as they distort the shape of the spine and place further pressure on the lower back and neck, which are already under strain, doctors say.

She has barely been seen in public since giving birth and has been holed away with her family as she tries to recuperate at the 90,000 pounds-a-month Spielberg pile.

Husband David is helping her to carry the little girl and hold her while she is nursing.

"Victoria has a back condition. She is resting and receiving treatment," a spokesman stated.


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