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Police find 'tracker' in John Terry's car

June 11, 2011 - London

Brtish detectives have found the tracking device fitted into English footballer John Terry's Range Rover after he contacted police over concerns that he was being stalked.

A celebrity lawyer, Nick Freeman, who is defending Terry's case in the Staines Magistrates' Court, told the court about the device.

Terry was earlier banned from driving for 28 days after he admitted to speeding at 77mph in a 50mph zone in Hook in Surrey.

" On March 18 this year his vehicle was swept. It was searched by the police and underneath that vehicle was attached an electronic device, the sort of device which will enable a person to know where that vehicle is going," the Daily Mail quoted Freeman, as saying.

"He was on route to the game when he became aware of two paparazzi on motorcycles driving extremely close to his vehicle. They were trying to peer in and he was concerned about the manner of their driving. As a consequence he accelerated to put some distance between them", he added.

Terry is currently on holiday with his wife Toni and their children in Abu Dhabi and today's court hearing went ahead in his absence.

Freeman claimed that the paparazzi had found him at his children's football game and a Christmas fair in Hyde Park but did not know how they came to know about his presence.

After the hearing, when asked if Toni Terry could have had the device placed on the family car, Freeman said: "Absolutely not. 100 per cent not."


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