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Paul Gascoigne downed 9 brandies and snorted cocaine before game

October 15, 2011 - London

Paul Gascoigne has admitted that he downed nine brandies and snorted cocaine before matches and went on to score some of his greatest goals.

The 44-year-old football legend was so booze-addled he was scared to drink water because he thought that it would kill him.

He was famously spotted before one match guzzling six brandies before kick-off - followed by 13 lagers to drown his sorrows after a defeat.

"Before matches I was on nine brandies, plus cocaine and everything. I would have had wine," the Daily Star quoted him as telling ITV's This Morning.

"I was on four bottles of whisky a day for three months. It took two bottles just to stop the shakes.

"When I went to the treatment centre I was so scared to even drink water. I thought it was going to kill me."

Meanwhile Gazza insists that he is finally winning his battle against his drink and drug demons.

"I'm enjoying life - I golf now," he added.


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