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Now, 10-year-old boy 'racially abused' during junior football match in Australia

July 19, 2011 - Canberra

Racial vilification has rocked Australian football again with another case surfacing, where a junior footballer is set to face a tribunal over accusations that he racially abused a boy during a football match.

The ten-year-old boy was allegedly called Ronen Jafari, also 10, the 'n-word' while the two were playing under-12s football in Geelong earlier this month. quoted Jafari's stepmother Lucy, as saying that her son was crying and traumatized when she picked him up after the game.

"He was crying, he was red in the face. You know how little kids cry, they breathe in and out (quickly), they can't speak," she said.

His father, Ben, who is of Iranian descent, said the family were was so upset by the matter that they decided to approach the tribunal.

Football and Netball Geelong operations manager Michael Limb said clubs tried to deal with the incident through mediation, but the victim's family were unhappy with the outcome.

Limb said if the child was found guilty, he could face suspension.

This is not the only case of racial vilification hitting Australian football.

Last month, an Aboriginal player from North Bendigo under 15s was racially abused by a spectator during a game against Kangaroo Flat.

The incident sparked off an on-field brawl in the third quarter, and the spectator was banned from games.


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