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Mancini says it is wrong to compare Man City to Barcelona

September 12, 2011 - London

Coach Roberto Mancini has said that he has problems with people and fans making comparisons between his club Manchester City and Spanish football giant Barcelona.

Mancini says such comparisons bring far too much pressure.

The Sun quoted Mancini, as saying: "I understand why people are getting excited but it is still early for us. Yes, it's our target to improve, to win the Premier League and Champions League in the future. But let's see what happens in May. This group of players has only been together for two months and we need time."

Mancini added: "We can say we want to win the Champions League because all the teams who enter it want to win it. But for us now it's important we reach the second stage. We're in a hard group where anyone could finish top or bottom."

"Remember the Champions League is different from the Premier League. If you lose a game in the domestic championship, you have time to recover. If you lose a game in the Champions League, you don't have that opportunity," Mancini said.


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