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Liz and Warne return to their separate lives after 'cool' Oz Christmas

December 27, 2011 - London

Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne have returned to their very different lives after enjoying a relaxing Christmas at the cricketer's home in Australia.

The cricketer left the model and her son Damian, nine, at his home in Melbourne before jetting off to Sydney with his three children for his Twenty20 match.

Later Hurley was spotted struggling to lock the ornate gate at his mansion, before heading off for the day.

While Warne landed in Sydney with Brooke, 13, Jackson, 11, and Summer, nine, ahead of the big game.

The blended family enjoyed Christmas at Warne's home, where the children enjoyed a dip in the pool, defying the unseasonably stormy summer weather.

"Been boiling hot for last 10 days here in Melbourne-nice to have a bit of rain ( thunderstorm ) to cool everything down, feel like a snooze," the Daily Mail quoted Warne as tweeting.

Hurley also posted about the Australia-style Christmas.

"Happy Christmas to all! Boiling hot and pouring with rain in Melbourne," she tweeted.

"All the kids in the pool. Just heard there are hailstones heading our way. Suddenly, a beautiful sunny afternoon in Melbourne. By the pool, planning my next fridge raid." she added.


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