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Klitschko dislikes Haye the man, but fears Hayes the boxer

June 9, 2011 - London

Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko is being put through his paces three weeks before his Hamburg bout with English pugilist David Hayes, and he sees it as "the most serious challenge of my career".

While he cannot deny that 'David Haye the person p****s me off', Klitschko, 35, confesses to having 'flamingos, not just butterflies, in my stomach about facing David Haye the boxer'.

This giant of a man has been offended by Haye's wearing of a T-shirt which depicted he and his brother Vitali, 39, with their heads knocked off and blood gushing from their necks.

"Vitali was so angered the first time we saw it that the fight almost took place there and then," the Daily Mail quoted Wladimir, as saying.

The elder Klitschko grabbed Haye by the neck and had to be pulled away.

Now Wladimir is challenging London's holder of the WBA title to wear the T-shirt again prior to their July 2 fight, saying: "I doubt he'll do it because he looked stupid. Although he won't admit it, I believe he regrets crossing the line. He has not been so cocky at our meetings since. He's not basically a bad man. He just lost his head."


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