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Jermaine Pennant underwent 3-hr ear operation: Sources

August 12, 2011 - London

Soccer star Jermaine Pennant might have denied reports of undergoing a surgery to pin back his stretched-out ears, but now it has emerged that he actually resorted to a three-hour plastic surgery to fix them in proper place.

The Stoke City ace was spotted leaving a Harley Street clinic with his head bandaged in May, but denied the plastic surgery.

He also lied to then fiancee Lara Murphy and his own family despite the explicit change in his looks.

"It was incredible how he kept stringing his family along. Lara realised immediately because his ears are stuck to the sides of his head," the Sun quoted a friend of the former couple as saying.

"But he continued to insist he banged his head and went to Harley Street to get it bandaged - as if you go to a place like that for first aid! This made Lara question other rumours about him, like womanising at clubs," the friend added.

Sources also revealed that Pennant's operation cost him between 1,800 and 3,000 pounds.


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