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'Indian coach Fletcher architect of England's stunning revival in world cricket'

August 14, 2011 - London

Indian cricket coach Duncan Fletcher must take a great deal of credit for putting in place the foundations upon which the current England team is based.

According to an article in The Telegraph, without Fletcher's radical modernisation methods when he was the England coach from 1999 to 2006, the heady successes currently being enjoyed would simply not have been possible.

"To succeed you require resources. The most significant upshot the introduction of central contracts. These are quite simply the most important factor in England's re-emergence as a Test nation. Some might say that when Duncan Fletcher took over as coach in 1999 he was fortunate that his arrival coincided with those contracts," the article said.

"There might have been some fortune in his forming such a strong and instant bond with a skipper, Nasser Hussain, whom he had never met, but he actually faced a horrible task in implementing those contracts," it added.

The article also highlighted that for a hundred years and more the counties had basically done as they wished, but after Fletcher's arrival they were being told that they could not have their players when they wanted, even when England were not playing.

"It was a huge, often acrimonious, change," it said.

It further said that most of Fletcher's key mantras are still evident: fitness, fielding, strong lower-order batting and bowlers above 85mph, able to reverse-swing the ball.

"For this team only the playing of spin in the subcontinent, so hugely improved under Fletcher, has yet to be tested. That chance will come this winter, and it will be fascinating to watch," the article said.


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