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'Heli-snipers' to protect 2012 London Olympics from terror attacks

November 21, 2011 - London

A highly trained group of airborne snipers will be deployed on helicopters to protect next year's London Olympics from any terrorist attacks.

The highly-trained shooters, named "heli-snipers" would eliminate their targets as they swoop over Olympic sites in military choppers, The Sun reports.

According to the report, RAF sharpshooters, are currently undergoing training at the Ministry of Defense's Lydd live-firing range in Kent.

Having previously been deployed in Iraq, the snipers could neutralise a target from more than a mile away, as they hovered in either a Merlin or Lynx helicopter, the report said.

The ministry has, however, declined to reveal further details of the security plan.

"It is too early to talk about the numbers of personnel who may be involved or further details around precisely what support the MoD might provide, but ongoing planning to meet a range of contingencies is sensible," said a ministry spokesman.


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