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Girls only go back to footballers' hotels for sex: Titus Bramble

June 16, 2011 - London

English footballer Titus Bramble has said that when girls go back to a footballer's hotel, it is for sex.

Titus, 29, made the comment while giving evidence at his 30-year-old brother Tesfaye's rape trial.

"People do make assumptions. I'm no different. I shouldn't, but I do," the Sun quoted him as saying.

"I assume that when a girl's coming back to a hotel after the club it's for sex. Because of my job we get a lot of female attention," he said.

Tesfaye has been accused of raping a teenager after a night out in Newcastle in September last year.

Titus told Leeds Crown Court he and Tesfaye, a former footballer, had been out drinking after a Sunderland match before his brother returned to the hotel with the alleged victim.

The woman, then 19, told the court she fell asleep in one of the rooms booked by the footballer at the city's Vermont Hotel, and that she later woke to find Tesfaye having sex with her.

Tesfaye has denied rape, and he told the court that the woman had been "partially conscious" when he got into bed with her.

"I basically got into the bed and tried my luck. If it happened, it happened. If it didn't, it was no problem," he added.

He claimed the woman had kissed him before the encounter developed into sex, adding he was surprised when she suddenly left.


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