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Flintoff says current England side better than 2005 vintage

August 4, 2011 - London

Former England cricketer Andrew Flintoff believes the current England team is a better side that the squad of 2005 that broke Australian domination.

Flintoff was the star of that 2005 summer. The eleven England players then peaked at the right time but never played together again.

The Daily Mail quoted him, as saying: "This is a better side than the one we had in 2005. The strength of it and the depth of it is incredible. In 2005, we had 11 players who had a memorable few weeks and played at their best for a period, but we never played together again. Colly [Paul Collingwood] came in for the last one, but essentially it was just a team."

"We had a few big wins before 2005, but it was all about peaking for that series and we did, but we couldn't sustain it due to injuries and retirements. This side have a squad and they are so strong. We've seen them replace players without blinking and it has made no difference to the performance," he added.

"They're the best team out there. There might have been a question before the start of the series but after these two performances there is no question," Flintoff said.


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