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Cheryl Cole spent œ3M on LA love nest hoping ex Ashley would 'stay with her'

July 19, 2011 - London

Cheryl Cole is too heartbroken to use her new love nest in Los Angeles after spending 3million pounds.

Deluded Cheryl thought the Hollywood apartment would be the perfect way to tempt her former footballer husband Ashley to move to LA and re-ignite their romance.

But now she is devastated by claims that he was playing away with sexy Virgin Atlantic air hostess Kerry Meades, 29, while he was trying to woo her pal said Cheryl felt "trem-endously let down" by Ashley's antics, claiming: "He'll never change - he just cannot keep it in his trousers."

"She knows how much Ashley loves Los Angeles and thought it would be brilliant to have a place he could come and stay with her," the Daily Star quoted a close friend as saying.

"She even thought he might be tempted to join David Beckham at LA Galaxy.

"But once again she has been let down badly by him, just as her friends and family warned her he would. Cheryl is feeling a bit foolish as she thought Ashley had changed," the friend added.


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