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Booze in moderation is beneficial to cricketers' overall performance: Healy

October 27, 2011 - Auckland

Former Australian wicketkeeper Ian Healy doesn't believe that booze should be banned from cricketers' lives and insists that in moderation it is beneficial to overall performance.

Healy says there is nothing wrong with players having two or three beers after a day's play.

"It's a good way to unwind and should have no detrimental effects on performance the next day or the next weekend. The challenge is education, so that young players are not having 20 beers and cannot perform the next day," quoted Healy, as saying.

"There is plenty of pressure at the highest level and the players need to be able to unwind. If you deny them the chance to relax, and are all about key performance indicators and fitness levels, I don't think that is good for the player as a whole," he added.

Healy is currently in New Zealand doing a mix of fundraising, public speaking and coaching promising young wicketkeepers.


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