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Shane Warne needs help, says pal Sir Michael Parkinson

December 21, 2010 - Melbourne

Shane Warne's pal and TV mentor Sir Michael Parkinson feels that the text-mad spin king needs help.

"When you see a friend who does something which causes you unhappiness you want to help, and I feel he needs help," the Daily Telegraph quoted Parkinson as telling A Current Affair.

"What I can't understand about Shane is he is an intelligent man doing stupid things, so therefore there has to be a reason. Is it compulsion, like gambling? Is it something you can't stop doing?

"There seems to me to be a compulsive urge there which, if I were him, I would take seriously.

"I don't like to see this kind of shoddy and cheap headline which he does bring upon himself and his family. If he is concerned about that he should do something about it," Parkinson added.

The TV talk show legend's comments came after claims Warne bombarded Melbourne leather shop owner Adele Angeleri with over 100 raunchy text messages while he was romancing Liz Hurley.


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