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Drogba assures Ancelotti of stopping Chelsea's season from collapsing

December 7, 2010 - London

Ace striker Didier Drogba has told boss Carlo Ancelotti that he has the strength to stop Chelsea's season from collapsing.

Drogba scored his eighth goal of the season in Saturday's 1-1 draw with Everton, though it was not enough to stop the rot of just one win in the club's last six Premier League games.

Drogba has turned to little-known 'Fasciatherapy', where patients are massaged and educated to reduce tension physically and mentally, The Sun reports.

"Being naturally fit isn't enough, unless you are a football genius which I'm not. I play 50 games or so a season. Can I keep up with this pace and still play well? I need very specific attention at my age. Otherwise, I would play 30-40 games a season, not more, whereas the highest level means playing twice a week," Drogba said.

"After some of the clashes I've had, I would have been out for a month. Certain scars need three weeks to heal. But I can come back now in 10 days. I handle fatigue better, so I train flat out. Before, you couldn't speak to me 48 hours after a game," he said.

Fasciatherapy is believed to have originated in the 1980s and is a branch of osteopathy, The Sun reports.

Patients are massaged in specific areas of the body in the belief it will benefit the membranes around the internal organs following trauma.

Drogba reckons it massively accelerates his recovery from the bumps, bruises and physical exhaustion, which follow tough matches.


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