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Luminy, a Modular Backlit Exhibition Solution Launched by Insta Group

MUMBAI, August 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Insta Group, India's most trusted exhibition stand designer company launched Luminy, a backlit modular exhibition stand in June 2015 at Mumbai. With many years of expertise and design innovation, Insta has strived its best to meet the fundamental needs of numerous brands worldwide.


Luminy backlit solution is enlivened by the more established idea of exhibition light boxes, yet merges a seasoned approach with an ease of assembly and systematic utilization of lighting innovation. The backlit solution adds a flawless exhibition stand design to varied spaces and is an effective option for both exhibitions and events. At Insta's product development department, special attention is paid to the life cycle analysis of every product. Luminy, being no special case to this guideline, guarantees to incorporate the right concept and offers the perfect solution.

Discussing the new solution, Insta's AVP, Devendra Patkie says, "Luminy is a well-designed system that effortlessly merges quality with the idea of modular systems. In Luminy, modular pre-engineered parts fit into each other forming rigid frames and guaranteeing perfect alignment and absolute safety. The sizing of the modular system is done strategically to make it portable and allows easy assembly. One of the remarkable features that help Luminy standout is that it can be connected to form roofs and rooms and the same parts can be used to form new spaces."

Insta Group has always given the highest importance to developing sustainable exhibitions and events solutions. Being one of the leading exhibition stall designer in Mumbai, Insta has been creating class-apart exhibition spaces. The high-quality solutions and services have made Insta a market leader in providing design and build solutions for lasting impressions. With an expertise in the exhibition industry, Insta successfully caters to every brand need and offers a unique approach by being a single point-of-contact for all your exhibition requirements.

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An exhibition stand designing and building company started in the year 2003, Insta has seven regional offices and the headquarters is based out of Mumbai.

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