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Parchaiyo Ka Samaysar Packs Sahitya Akademi

September 29, 2017 - New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Dr. Kusum Ansal
Dr. Kusum Ansal

Dr. Kusum Ansal on Friday led a book discussion on her upcoming novel “Parchaiyo ka Samaysar” at Sahitya Akademi. The literary gathering was marked by the presence of Chitra Mudgal as the chief guest, wherein the honourable guest was Pratap Sehgal. Dr. Rekha Sethi and Shailendra Jain had an essential role in the discussion. The program commenced at 4 pm where eminent members from the literary society turned up to attend the noteworthy conversation. The literary personalities appreciated the novel and expressed their views and opinions based on various plots depicted in the novel. 
“The book talks about an angle wherein ‘Death’ that’s considered as a permanent end to the life: impacts a perception of an individual towards life and changes the entire level of consciousness for her. The book doesn’t revolve around mere one segment but there is an intermingling and sphere of all the connected characters which can illustrate the gravity and profoundness of human emotions,” said Dr. Kusum Ansal.
“The book enables you to explore a different phase of emotions. The plots are beautifully depicted, elaboration of events easily forms a mental image of scenes and plots that we have not physically seen. Writing for women is usually a monologue as if the person is in conversation with himself. Reading this book made me realise as to how an individual realises her true being after going through the melancholy and a prolonged phase of gloominess. Also, the angle that suggests that human doesn’t need an external support to realise the self is simply laudable,” said Dr. Rekha Sethi. 
Dr. Kusum Ansal has previously contributed to many aspects of our culture and emotions of the women that are usually brushed aside by the society. She highlighted the pains which a woman faces in her life through many books; one of her book – “Widow of Vrindavan” being one such novel that tells about the plight of widows from Vrindavan. Dr. Ansal has penned more than 25 books including short stories, poetry collections, novels, travelogues along with her autobiography. Her works have been translated into various languages including Punjabi, English, Urdu, Bengali, Greek, Russian and French.

Source: Business Wire India


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