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Relief India Trust's Success Story of a Recovering Disabled

June 8, 2015 - Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Business Wire India
Relief India Trust’s recent achievement attributes to the successful treatment of a paralytic patient, five-year old Baby Laavi. Belonging to a family of lower income strata, Baby Laavi met with a serious accident and fell down from stairs at the age of 2. She incurred severe injuries to her head and paralysis of the entire left part of her body. Prior to her accidental fall, she was a perfectly normal child with no medical problems at the time. Although, her right side was working properly, she was unable to walk or talk or hold things using her left arm. In addition, she was also having problems related to speech. At the rehabilitation centre by RIT, their panel of doctors successfully handled baby Laavi’s paralysis case and with their rigorous treatment, she is now on the path of a remarkable recovery.

She has started showing signs of significant improvement now that she is able to hold things on her own using her left arm, is able to walk on her own as well with some support and is also showing good signs with regard to her speech problems. This evidently highlights Relief India Trust’s case of sheer success with the children they support. Relief India Trust operates a rehabilitation center for the deprived group of disabled children of the society with an objective to facilitate medical, therapeutic, psychological and educational services. This non-profit community by the NGO was started in July, 2011 as an initiative to provide complete medical attention to such children.

It runs an awareness program in the rural areas, majorly focused on working for the physically and mentally challenged lot. The NGO has classified such children into separate groups; the needy group which includes those coming from extremely poor families having almost negligible means for livelihood and the underprivileged group including those belonging to the lower income strata with only basic means for living. While the NGO provides medical treatment to both, it also gives an additional pick and drop facility to the needy group, in particular.

RIT’s rehab centre delivers medical remedies under 4 key domains. Physiotherapy includes physio exercise training, functional activities and therapy sessions for pain relief and occupational is about motor learning, sensory integration and neural development therapy. Speech therapy is for the speech habilitation and oral exercises while special education focuses on teaching activities of daily living as well as inculcating the basic academic skills.

They also cater to children with serious disorders and deformities such as a case of paralysis like Baby Laavi’s or acute cancer along with a special range of programming devoted to epidemics like HIV/AIDS. Medicine relief programs for distributing free medicines, regular health & disability check-up camps, celebration of birthdays & other festivals and educational visits to museums, count among few events organized by the trust. RIT’s aspiration to promote these children as worthy members of a unified society is a notable stance.

Source: Business Wire India


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