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Zippo Conducts ‘Share the Pain’ Survey for Global Integrated Campaign

April 4, 2014 - New Delhi, Delhi, India

The age old saying about the younger generation’s casual attitude might be proven right according to ‘Share the Pain Survey’ conducted by Zippo, makers of the world famous windproof lighter. 98% of India confessed to losing something before the age of 25. So the next time you are taking a bus ride home or are traveling in a train, take a look before you get off, 47% Indians lose precious items on the go. 

The most commonly lost items, according to the survey included pens, lighters, home or car keys, handkerchiefs, mobile phones and wallets/purses. However, if you thought loss of these commonplace items is worth all the reaction we Indians give, then consider those in the film industry. Talking of movies, the survey highlighted how Hollywood reigns over Bollywood, with 95% of Indians polled believed George Clooney continues to charm them with his X-factor while 87% feel that Rajnikant has lost his appeal over the years. 

Did You Know?
  • 50% men polled misplace their belongings while only 27% of them share their pain
  • As much as 40% polled admitted that they would panic in response to the lost item
  • Nearly a third (31.5%) said they would call their partners or parents for moral support after losing a precious object
  • Nearly a quarter (29.1%) of women polled admitted they would cry if they lost something while only 10% of the men confessed to such melodramatic reactions

A quarter of those polled have possessed a Zippo lighter out of which nearly a third (32.1%) of men polled and a quarter (24.4%) of women polled admitted to having lost their Zippo Lighter. The most common reaction of these devoted Zippo fans was to ‘feel devastated’.
To alleviate the pain of its fans, Zippo has set up an online community where owners of “lost Zippo lighters” can go to share the pain and anguish of losing their priced commodity.
David Warfel, Global Marketing Director, Zippo said: “We at Zippo know how special our lighters are to their owners. After all, we aim to make each and every lighter as precious and unique as possible. Consequently, it is of little astonishment that a lot of people are sentimental about their belongings and feel devastated when they lose one.
There have been clubs and groups which fondly collect Zippo lighters but so far there has been no support group to address the pain when someone loses one. We wanted to change this and so we have launched the ‘Share the Pain’ site so that our community worldwide can come together and mourn their losses. So if you too have lost your precious Zippo windproof lighter, do log on to our site and embrace the support from our campaign hero, Jax ‘No Pain´ McFlame. We want our customers to know that they are not alone, even in sorrow.”
Since 23% polled said they go into a state of shock on losing something, it might be advisable not to panic and make an insurance claim which surprisingly, only 10% of the Indians do currently. 7.5% try to make a lost poster, but if nothing works, one always has the “Share the Pain” site to grieve about their loss. 

Notes to editors

The Zippo study into lost items was conducted in January 2014 amongst 11,117 people across 10 countries and three continents. 1,006 Indians were surveyed as part of the study.
About Zippo

One of the most recognized brands in the world, Zippo was founded in the fall of 1932 by George G. Blaisdell in Bradford, PA, where it has manufactured over 500 million windproof lighters. With the exception of improvements to the flint wheel and modifications in case finishes, the product remains unchanged and is backed by the company’s famous lifetime guarantee – "It works, or we fix it free.™" Zippo’s diverse product line includes lighter accessories; butane candle lighters; watches, fragrance, and lifestyle accessories for men; and a robust line of heat and flame products for outdoor enthusiasts.  Zippo markets in over 160 countries and also owns the Ronson brand of lighters and fuel and W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Company, both based in Bradford, PA.  For more information, visit

Photo Caption: STP Global Lost Facts Infographic

Source: Business Wire India


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