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World’s 1st Interest-Based App YoTurf

May 16, 2014 - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Crackheads, a Mumbai based innovation agency announces the launch of its social networking app- YoTurf. It’s the world’s first interest-based app that connects users in the vicinity via their shared interests. Made by an Indian, the app has a global appeal.

YoTurf is a great community-building tool where like-minded people can come together and interact. Since it’s also GPS-based, the prospect of meeting someone also goes up.

For example, if a few people love football and are in proximity, they would be connected. It's the ideal ice-breaker as when you meet people for the first time, you wouldn't know what to talk to them about. But if you have some interests in common, you can easily chat them up.

The product was designed by Adot Interactive, a Chennai-based company.

YoTurf, which was launched on April 5, 2014, is for the iOS platform with plans of launching it on Android in June. It lets you find, share connect and discover people who love the same things as you.

About Crackheads

Crackheads is a Mumbai-based partnership company, founded by Abhimanyu Amar Jadhavrao (an advertising professional). The company’s goal is to make connectivity more worthwhile than chatting alone. With HQs in Mumbai, the company is soon planning to branch into other cities as well.

Jadhavrao, the founder and CEO, has this to say, "As an introvert, my growing up years were bit of a struggle. I always wanted to speak what was on my mind... like cars, photography and food. But never really found the nerve to approach anyone. YoTurf, in a way, is a tool to relive my childhood. I hope you have fun using this App."

You can also download the App from>

(It's compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

Or take a look at

Source: Business Wire India


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